Spreading Success: Our Long-lasting Partnership with By The Yard Mulch

At Oaken Digital, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and our ongoing partnership with By The Yard Mulch is a testament to that commitment. In this blog post, we'll take you through our journey with this family-owned business, from our first collaboration in 2010 to our current work on SEO and performance marketing.

The Client: By The Yard Mulch

By The Yard Mulch began as a summer job for a family's teenagers in 2005, with the goal of teaching them strong values. Today, the brother-sister duo Steven and Tracy lead a year-round company that delivers and installs bulk mulch for residential and commercial properties in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. They also offer Kiddie-Cushion, a product designed for playground areas to minimize the risk of falls.

With a set of core values including truthfulness, pride in their work, and a focus on customer satisfaction, By The Yard Mulch has become a trusted provider in their community.

Our Collaboration: Logo Design, Website Creation, and Redesign

Our partnership with By The Yard Mulch started in 2010 when we designed their logo and built their first website. In 2018, we expanded our collaboration by creating the Kiddie-Cushion website, playgroundmulchtexas.com. In 2021, we redesigned bytheyardmulch.com to enhance the user experience and help streamline the ordering process.

The 2021 redesign included the addition of an order form, allowing customers to easily input their address, mulch type, and quantity needed. This feature improved efficiency and ensured customers could be scheduled more quickly.

Ongoing Work: SEO and Performance Marketing

Our relationship with By The Yard Mulch continues to grow as we work on improving their website's SEO and performance marketing. Our goal is to drive more traffic to their website, attract new customers, and ultimately help grow their business.

It's a great honor that our first client continues to trust us with their digital needs, and we're committed to delivering the best results possible.


Our long-lasting partnership with By The Yard Mulch exemplifies the value of building strong relationships with our clients. As we continue to work together on SEO and performance marketing, we're excited to see how our collaborative efforts will further elevate their business. At Oaken Digital, we're always ready to help our clients grow and succeed.